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Are you the one who puts the baby to sleep in the Air-Conditioning ..!


Things to look out for before putting your baby to sleep in an Air-Conditioning room ..!

For babies who sleep continuously at 16 and 17 degrees, respiratory distress may occur. Keep your newborn’s baby’s room asleep at room temperature between 21° to 24°C. In this section we will look at the things to look out for before putting baby to sleep in an Air-Conditioning (Aircon) room.


Baby care tips: 1

Aircon Room Air should not blow directly on the baby’s face. Accordingly, baby should be put to bed. Because the humidity in the Aircon air is high, baby will have difficulty breathing. It is very important to take care of this. 

Baby care tips: 2

Dust in the Aircon filter should be cleaned once a week. Otherwise the invisible dust in the filter will go into the baby’s trachea. The lungs produce more mucus to expel this dust. 

Baby care tips: 3

Do not enter from the heated room into the Airconditioning room suddenly. Do not keep the Aircon at a temperature as low as 16, 17 degrees after entering the Airconditioning room. 

Baby care tips: 4

Do not put children to sleep without a shirt on as soon as they enter the Airconditioning room. Cover the chest area for older children and for children under 3 years of age, cover the chest and feet with a cloth and place them to sleep. 

Baby care tips: 5

For babies who sleep continuously at 16 and 17 degrees, respiratory distress may occur. The newborn baby should be put to sleep in a temperature between 21° to 24°C room. When the mother was in the womb, the temperature would have been 30 degrees. So it is better to keep the AC at a temperature of 21-24 degrees. 

Baby care tips: 6

According to Air-condition technology, the outside air comes from inside the Air-condition. But there has to be a small opening somewhere for outside air to come in. Only then will the babies get the oxygen they need. Otherwise, the baby will breathe the same air you exhaled. 

Baby care tips: 7

Coastal cities have high humidity. So when using an air cooler there, the humidity in the air inside the room is high. Babies who breathe that air may experience wheezing and asthma. So at least one window should be left open.

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