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Air Conditioner usage and maintenance during the summer.

A 100 sq ft room requires an AC with a capacity of 12,000 BTU. So calculate the size of the room and choose the Aircon (AC).

In summer, most people use Aircon to escape the heat. The increase in electricity tariff due to continuous overuse will also be widespread. Let’s see how to use Aircon properly.

In the evening, keep the windows and doors of the house open and allow cool air to enter, eliminating the need to use Aircon for long periods of time.

A 100 sq ft room requires an AC with a capacity of 12,000 BTU. So calculate the size of the room and choose the Aircon.

By using the inverter Aircons that are currently available in the market, you can save a lot of electricity. Knowing how many tick it has, then it is best to buy on the advice of Aircon experts.

Many people routinely run the Aircon at a temperature of 20 to 22 degrees. But it is better to run above 24 degrees. This will prevent health hazards and reduce the cost of electricity.

Once every three months it is necessary to clean the air filter of the Aircon. Maintaining the Aircon on a regular basis will prevent unnecessary costs.

When using Aircon day and night, close the door and windows in the room and cover with curtains.

It is best to avoid items made of iron in the room where the Aircon is used. The open shelves in the living room are made of PVC. It is better to cover with screens.

Books, cloths, etc. Care should be taken not to be directly opposite the machine.

In an Aircon fitted room, it is better to use a wall mounted fan called table pane than a ceiling mounted fan.

The drain pipe must be properly connected to the drain. If the catheter is further up and down, the water will not drain properly and return again to Aircon. Opportunity to come to the machine itself and leak into the room.

Adherence to the above tips can increase the lifespan of the Aircon and reduce the electricity bill.

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