Willis brought the Air conditioner, which is forever useful to people, to this world

Today it is rare to see offices without air conditioners, five-star hotels, theaters, factories, or apartment buildings.

The air conditioner, which was once affluent, is now available to the less affluent. The inventor of the air conditioner, a miracle device that protects against heat, was the ‘Willis Haviland Carrier’.

Willis was born on November 26, 1876, in Angola, USA. As a child, he was more interested in seeing the movements of machines. He enjoys running small machines himself.

Naturally interested in engineering, he graduated from Cornell University with a master’s degree in engineering. Joined work at a reputed factory.

Willis’ skill in repairing faulty machines spread to the outside world.

The printing press at one of New York’s most famous bookstores often broke down, leaving the company reeling. Someone from the company heard about Willis and took him to his company and showed him the machine.

Willis felt the heat attack as he entered the company.

He inspected the place where the machines were set up. Realizing that the location would be affected by the heat, he developed equipment that would not allow the heat to hit the area too much. He fitted the equipment throughout the factory. The year he did this was 1902. He was only 26 at the time.

That is, the machines rotated flawlessly because the hot air was prevented from entering and protected by a thin layer of moisture. Willis, who saw that high heat and high humidity damaged the machines, also actively developed new equipment for the protection of the machines.

In 1906, he invented and patented what is now known around the world as the air conditioner.

This tool not only blocks out external heat into the room, but also creates the magic of keeping the room cool, doing the miracle of converting the heat already circulating in the room into a cool state.

When the air conditioner he created came into use, his popularity slowly began to spread. Many companies invited him to use the air conditioner. Sensing public acceptance, Willis started a separate air conditioner, manufacturing unit. Thus making huge profits.

In the air conditioner units he created, he found that the ‘compressors’ often malfunctioned. When the air conditioner is running, the compressors must operate according to the temperature. This means that the cooling of the air conditioning in the room should be the same even when the temperature is high and low.

At the beginning of this, he did not make the correct run. Over time he set and operated the compressors to adjust the cooling level of the room as needed.

This setting was created in 1914 and patented. After this, he focused his attention on improving the air conditioner.

There are many types and variations of air conditioners being developed today. Various companies are making shape changes to suit their ideas and bringing them into the business.

Today air conditioner serves not only human facilities but also various sectors. Willis died on October 7, 1950, after bringing the air conditioner to life.

Remember Willis’ shirt every time you turn on the air conditioning, cuties!

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